Aliens Invading Pinball FX2 On April 26

Aliens Invading Pinball FX2 On April 26

Zen Studios continues their domination of the virtual pinball genre with three more tables heading for Pinball FX2. This time it is H. R. Giger’s most famous creation, the Alien, which is getting a pinball interpretation. The aptly titled Aliens Vs Pinball pack will feature three distinct tables that are based around the xenomorphs as well as other characters from the same universe.

The first table, Aliens pinball, is inspired by the classic 1986 film and features Ellen Ripley as she teams up with the Colonial Marines on their trip to LV-426. Alien: Isolation is the second table, which is based on the recent Creative Assembly game of the same name. On this table it is Amanda Ripley who has to face the Alien menace on the Sevastopol Space Station. Finally, there is Alien vs. Predator pinball, where the tables are turned as a young Yautja warrior goes on the hunt.

All the tables will feature original iconic voiceovers as well as sound effects from the films and games they are based on. In addition, all the score tracking leaderboards and other social features that make the Pinball FX series so much fun to play will also be present.

The Aliens vs. Pinball pack will be released on April 26th, which is appropriately enough ALIEN DAY. Keep an eye on the Zen Studios site for more information and give them a follow on Twitter as well to stay up to date. In the meantime, check out the trailer below to see the Alien: Isolation table in action.

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