Android Version of Pascal’s Wager Launching Early On TapTap

Android Version of Pascal’s Wager Launching Early On TapTap

It’s no exaggeration to say that Android enthusiasts have been casting jealous glances in the direction of Apple ever since the release of Pascal’s Wager. The Dark Souls-inspired action RPG was released on iOS earlier this year where it made quite an impression. However, the wait is almost over for Android fans as Pascal’s Wager will soon be making available on their favorite platform too.

For players not familiar with Pascal’s Wager, it was initially used to show off the high performance of the iPhone 11’s new chip at the grand Apple Event in 2019. Dark-themed hardcore gaming experiences are not exactly common on the mobile market, which immediately set Pascal’s Wager apart. The game clearly draws inspiration from the Souls series and features a gloomy graphical style along with orchestra soundtracks.

Players get to roam around a Gothic medieval world that is shrouded in an ominous thick fog while switching behind a cast of four characters. Each of them has their own diverse backgrounds and skill trees, which adds a lot of variety to the game. Discovering the truth behind the mysterious fall of the walking “Gods” of this game is not an easy task, though. Players need to face off against all kinds of deadly monsters as well as some truly fierce bosses. Fans of the Souls series will feel right at home with this game as dying is a common occurrence until you can figure out the weaknesses of your opponents. Striking down your foes requires patience, perseverance, and the ability to seize the right moment to deal a fatal strike. To make things even more challenging players will have to keep an eye on the stamina and sanity of their characters.

Pascal’s Wager for Android will be released at 8 pm PTD on June 21st, 2020. Players who have been keeping up to date with this game will notice that this is three days earlier than the originally announced release date. The reason for this is that the game is releasing on early on TapTap, which is the largest gaming community and Android platform based in China. This essentially means that the free-to-distribute global platform has a short period of exclusivity for Pascal’s Wager. The game will launch at a limited-time price of $3.99 and the Deep into the Dark Mist expansion will also be available for $0.99. Also, players will have the opportunity to acquire the Heroic Herald Outfit for the protagonist Terrence free of charge. Another benefit to Pascal’s Wager players making use of the Taptap Community is that they will be able to talk directly with the developer, TipsWorks, about the challenging gameplay as well as future updates.

Check out the features for the game below:

– An incredibly Rich and Deep story, 20 or more hours of content

– Four operable characters, with different combat modes and skill trees

– Dozens of different enemies, bringing extensive experience of hectic battles

– Diversified NPCs, responding to independent subplots

– Three-dimensional map with multiple layers

– Cinematic performance and storytelling, fully voiced dialog

– Powerfully attractive soundtracks, performed by a world-famous symphony orchestra

– Full controller support to ensure the best possible gameplay experience

– Pay to Play without any microtransactions or ads to cheapen the experience

– Substantial post-launch DLC adding to the story and characters

– Addition of robust PVP and PVE multiplayer modes to be added post-launch

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Pascal’s Wager, then check out THIS LINK to pre-register on TapTap.

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