Aquiris Game Studio announces their homage to the classic racing genre

Aquiris Game Studio announces their homage to the classic racing genre

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Remember Top Gear? No, not the television series, but the Super NES racer that was developed by Gremlin Graphics back in the early 90s. Well, Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio certainly remembers this classic, as well as Lamborghini, Lotus, Outrun and all the other retro racing titles. It should come as no surprise then that the studio is putting their love for 8 and 16 bit racing games to good use by developing their own title called Horizon Chase.

According to the Technical Art Director and Co-founder at Aquiris Game Studio, Amilton Diesel, the goal is to capture the fast paced gameplay, colorful visuals and responsive controls that the aforementioned retro racers had to offer. Sandro Manfredini, the Business Director at Aquiris Game Studio added that since there are no other titles on the market that could provide players with this experience the studio decided to develop their own alternative. Horizon Chase is set to offer a large number of scenarios that are inspired by real world locations and players will get to unlock new circuits, cars and upgrades while playing. Sandro also pointed out that Horizon Chase is being developed as a premium experience and not a free to play title.

Something else that will set Horizon Chase apart is the fact that the studio managed to enlist the talent of Barry Leitch for the soundtrack. He is well known for composing the original Top Gear soundtrack as well as those of other titles such as Lotus Turbo Challenge and Rush. The collaboration with Barry Leitch is definitely something that will further capture the spirit of the classic titles. For a glimpse of the game in action and to hear a snippet from the soundtrack check out the teaser video below.

Horizon Chase will be a multiplatform title with the mobile version released first, but plans for PC and consoles also in the works. Be sure to keep an eye on the Horizon Chase Tumblr to stay updated on this title.

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    Some great stuff coming out of Brazil lately. Looking forward to this game!

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