Benefits Of Using A Flash Drive To Install Games

Benefits Of Using A Flash Drive To Install Games

There are times when having it can be beneficial to have a bootable USB drive for Mac because it is great to back up at all times.  Why you may want to do this and how to do it are easy and important. Whether you’re playing The Longing – or Portal, you can always play via a USB.

In simple terms, a bootable USB Mac drive is one that has a version of macOS which is available on a disk which is not your computer. Whether this is an external hard drive or perhaps a USB ‘thumb’ drive, both of them are compatible and will be bootable drives for your gaming. USB flash drives are great because they will store a lot of digital files. The advantages of flash drives are USBs are portable, durable, and can have amazing storage capacity which can store so much! They will also retain memory when you are not using the power and even though there are some unanswered questions about USB and gaming, the positives outweigh any negatives. To look at how to set up at USB bootable drive you can look here – but we will focus a little further on the benefits of using this because we know it’s a game-changer.

Will a USB last forever?

The life expectancy of a USB Flash Drive is usually measured in cycles, how many times you write then erase and repeat but they can withstand as many as 100,000 of these cycles which means that they have hefty longevity. When the limit is reached, you may see that some portion of the memory will not function adequately and there could be issues with the corruption of files but this takes time and lots of usage to show any issue. Also, keep it away from any heat or extreme cold because this can damage things. 

What is the best way to care for my USB?

To prolong the life of your USB, you will need to follow some relatively simple precautions but you will find that these are easy to stick to and will improve the life of your drive:

  • When you are not using your USB drive, you must ensure that you cover it with a cap to prevent any type of dust or dirt from getting inside it and affecting the productivity.  
  • Do not expose the drive to any harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures or use outdoors if it is humid or poor weather conditions, you must keep it dry and at room temperature for best usage.
  • Do not pull the flash drive out of the USB port while it is still in operation because this can damage it and the contents over time. So instead, be sure to click “Eject” the drive before removing it and it will last much better. 
  • Do not leave it plugged to the computer either for a long time as this can damage it and heat it up gradually from the heat of your system. 

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