New MileStone For Black Desert Online With More Than 10 Million Registered Users

New MileStone For Black Desert Online With More Than 10 Million Registered Users

Black Desert Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Pearl Abyss has reached a new milestone with more than 10 million registered users. This is quite an accomplishment, but not all that surprising for a game that has been growing in leaps and bounds since its initial release.

Part of the reason why Black Desert Online has continued to draw in players is the massive visual overhaul that it has recently received. The game was definitely not a slouch in the graphics department, but Pearl Abyss couldn’t resist using the new technology that has become available since the initial release to take things to the next level. This means that the game now boast features such as physically based rendering, volumetric clouds, HDR output, improved post processing, lighting and atmospheric scattering techniques, realistic cloth simulation and much more.

Black Pearl didn’t just improve the visuals of Black Desert online, but also paid more attention to the audio with features like new Foley effects and a full orchestral score instead of the original MIDI score. They even went as far as re-recording key NPC dialogue to polish things up. All of these changes are not the end either as Black Pearl promised to continue making improvements to the visuals and audio of the game moving forward.

For players who have yet to experience the game there is no better time than now as it can be played for free until 10 September 2018. During the same time the game is also the Weekend Deal on Steam, which means you can grab it at a 50% discount to continue playing after the free period. In addition to the base, there are a variety of bundle options available that include all kinds of extras, such as character slot expansions, value packs, pets, dyes and more.

For more information about Black Desert online, check out the official website and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter as well as Facebook.

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