Bombshell Teaser Trailer Showcases Mighty Punch Ability

Bombshell Teaser Trailer Showcases Mighty Punch Ability

With just under two months until the release of Bombshell, 3D Realms have unveiled another short teaser trailer of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison in action. The short trailer showcases one of her most devastating abilities, the Might Punch, in action. In total Bombshell has four abilities, each of which can be upgraded throughout the campaign.

The Might Punch enables Shelly to blow her enemies away and punch them to a pulp, but she also has a power slide for getting behind cover or under obstacles at high speed. Then there is her bubble shield with which she can block all damage and power sword for slicing enemies into tiny pieces. With each upgrade these abilities not only become more powerful, both statistically and functionally.

The store page for Bombshell is already up on Steam, so players interested in this upcoming Action RPG can add the game to their wishlist. In the meantime, check out the trailer below to see Shelly in action.

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