Charity Album Heroes Out Now & Full of Remixes From Fan-Favorite Videogames

Charity Album Heroes Out Now & Full of Remixes From Fan-Favorite Videogames

Whether it Was Mega Man 2 in the eighties, Crash Bandicoot 2 in the nineties, or even Jak and Daxter in the early 2000s, we all have fond memories of childhood games. In fact, we can still vividly recall some of the tunes from our favorite games even though it has been years since we’ve played them. That’s why Heroes, the new album by Pixel Mixers and GameGrooves is so exciting. It is a special album that features the remixing talent of the Pixel Mixers community along with support from the GameGrooves music news site. Not only is Heroes an album full of great tunes from both AAA classic and more recent indie favorites, but it is being used to raise money for Child’s Play Charity.

The producer for Heroes is Julien “Hashel” Rosir from Pixel Mixers who has stated how important toys and videogames can be when it comes to offering therapeutic and enjoyable social experiences. Pixel Mixers are big supporters of the important work being done by Child’s Play Charity in terms of bringing smiles to faces. That is why their videogame music-centered community thought it would be a great fit to pledge their efforts to such a great cause.

For those not familiar with Pixel Mixers, they are an open group that is dedicated to arranging, performing, and creating videogame remixes and covers. They are open to people of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds and you can find more info about them by giving them a follow on Youtube and Facebook. For this album they joined forces with GameGrooves, who some might remember as GameLark Gazette as they were known before the name-change in mid-2019. GameGrooves feels that the world is a better place with videogame music than without it, which is why they have a passion to share VGM with anyone who will listen to it. More information about them is available on their website and they can also be found on Twitter as well as Facebook.

As for the album itself, it clocks in at just under an hour and features 15 tracks from some absolutely great games.

The tracklist for Heroes is as follows:

01. Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odsyssey)

02. Spiral Mountain (Banjo-Kazooie)

03. The Woods of Light (Rayman 2)

04. Route 1 (Pokémon Red and Blue)

05. Theme of Celestials (Ōkami)

06. Heart of the Mountain (Celeste)

07. Main Theme (Shovel Knight)

08. Overworld (The Legend of Zelda)

09. Buster Building (Kirby’s Adventure)

10. Turtle Woods (Crash Bandicoot 2)

11. Forbidden Jungle Temple (Jak and Daxter)

12. Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2)s

13. Opening Theme (Mega Man 2)

14. Windy Hill (Sonic Lost World)

15. Undertale (Undertale)

Some of these tunes definitely put a smile on our face and the album definitely has an eclectic range of genres and styles. We loved the energetic Main Theme from Shovel Knight and the Overworld track from The Legend of Zelda is epic enough to make us want to dig out a copy of the game again and relive those memories. The Opening Theme from Mega Man 2 and Turtle Woods track from Crash Bandicoot 2 also managed to burrow themselves deep into our brain again thanks to this album! From piano ballads and electronic mixes to rock and upbeat children’s music this album has it all. Heroes is licensed and you can purchase your copy right now from iTunes or Spotify, so show some support for a worthy cause and get an album of great tunes in the process.

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