Children of Morta Receives Free Family Trials Update

Children of Morta Receives Free Family Trials Update

Children of Morta is not only a very good game that scored a well-deserved 9.3/10 in our REVIEW, but it has also received a couple of great updates since its release. These include some unique ones, like the recently released Family Fireside Fables, which is a pack of six charming tales read by the game’s narrator, Ed Kelly. The latest, and biggest, update is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation3, and Xbox One. It is titled Family Trials and adds a combat-focused game mode that all users can now play for free.

The central part of the Family Trials mode is a unique and abnormal dungeon called Zyklus that is located somewhere in the world of Rea. Not only is it affected by the Corruption, but with its rapidly changing rules and environments, there’s no telling what could be awaiting players who enter.

Family Trials is a separate mode from the story-focused main game and not only offers new systems and items, but also new character build possibilities. Players will need to be on their toes, though, as Family Trials is set in a series of completely randomized dungeons. Players who die in these dungeons will also discover that most of their progress is lost, which brings a whole new challenge to the game.

During Family Trials mode players have to complete main objectives to advance to the next floor, but there will also be optional side-objectives for the brave to tackle. Two new difficulty levels are now available, namely Hard and Insane, with more levels to beat added if you up the difficulty. Thankfully, all Bergson family members and their active abilities are available from the very beginning in Family Trials mode.

Some of the new systems, items, and features that have been revealed include the skill tree being replaced with a “Talent System.” This system also incorporates runes, which are no longer dropped in the dungeons. Divine Relics and Divine Graces have two additional power tiers in this mode while gem shards work as the main currency in Family Trials mode. The gem shards can be used in the new shop to gamble for rewards, upgrade equipment and buy new stuff.

Check out the Family Trials launch trailer below and be sure to grab a copy of the game if you have yet to experience this great title.

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