Coin Days Is Coming To Technosphere Reload

Coin Days Is Coming To Technosphere Reload

A while back we checked out Technosphere Reload, a gorgeous looking, but tough as nails futuristic 3D-roller platformer by Adaptive Game. It is a game that relishes in challenging players, but playing the game this September promises to be a little bit more rewarding than usual. This is thanks to the announcement by Adaptive Game for an event that they have dubbed “Coin Days.” The premise behind this event is very simple. Adaptive Game took one bitcoin, divided it into 58 separate parts and then hid it in Technosphere Reload.

Players will be able to find the coins in boxes that are scattered throughout the eight levels of Technosphere Reload, but each player can only find one prize. Players will have to explore the levels of the game thoroughly in order to locate the boxes, which may contain 0.05 BTC, 0.03 BTC or 0.01 BTC. According to Adaptive Game, the event will be divided into three phases, with each phase starting on a Friday at 19:00 GMT-4, and ending on a Sunday at 19:00 GMT-4. The dates for each phase is as follows;


PHASE 1: 09/13/19 – 09/15/19 – 0.33 BTC

PHASE 2: 09/20/19 – 09/22/19 – 0.33 BTC

PHASE 3: 09/27/19 – 09/29/19 – 0.34 BTC


Each phase will have – 2х 0.05 BTC, 3х 0.03 BTC, and 14х 0.01 BTC hidden somewhere as a reward. To prevent any type of fraud Adaptive Game has implemented a few rules for Coin Days. For players to access their reward they must first find the box with a coin in the game, which will then automatically add their account to the Steam leaderboard. The game will also automatically create a screenshot, which players must then Upload to Steam. Finally, after uploading the screenshot, players must add Adaptive Game to their friends list on Steam and write a personal message. After successful verification players will then receive the login and password from Adaptive Games for the Electrum wallet containing their reward. Each player can only find one reward and coins will become available after two hours of playing the game.

For more information about Coin Days, check out the trailer below and visit the official website to view the FAQ. The reward results will also be displayed on the site Coin Days is running. For more information about the game itself, check out our REVIEW. Technosphere Reload is not an easy game, so we suggest that anyone interested in taking part in Coin Days get some practice in before the event begins! Thankfully, Adaptive Game removed lives from the game, which makes Technosphere Reload considerably easier than before and a lot less frustrating. All levels are also accessible for participants of Coin Days, so there will be no need to unlock everything first.

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