Confront The Past Through Your Tears In Upcoming Action RPG Crystar

Confront The Past Through Your Tears In Upcoming Action RPG Crystar

The release of Crystar, a brand new action RPG by FURYU Corporation and Spike Chunsoft is right around the corner and to celebrate they have unveiled the release trailer. Players will be able to take control of Rei, a high school girl who accidentally kills her dearly loved little sister Mirai after awakening with incredible powers. Rei is willing to do anything to revive her sister, so she makes a contract with the Demons of Purgatory. As part of the contract, Rei must work as an Executor, battling through the many levels of Purgatory and slaying the monsters that dwell there.

There are a couple of things that will set Crystar apart from typical action RPGs, such as the fact that tears give you strength. Instead of being a sign of weakness, crying will help you to take down monsters and empower your equipment. Crystar will also feature a battle system that includes otherworldly beings that fight alongside you. Players will have to gather their grief and endure Torments to summon their Guardian. In addition, Crystar will feature four different playable characters and it is up to players to unlock their memories and learn the truth behind their stories and secrets.

The release date for Crystar is August 27 in North America, followed by August 30 in Europe. The game will be available for both Playstation 4 as well as Steam. Included with the standard edition of the game is the Summer Collection Costumes, while the Day 1 Edition for PS4 comes with a mini-artbook. The digital pre-order for Crystar is still available until August 26 (NA) and August 29 (EU) on Playstation Store.

Check out the trailer for Crystar below and players who are curious about the unique gameplay mechanics can also read an interview with Producer/Director Fuyuki Hayashi on the Playstation Blog. The official Crystar website is also up and running and don’t forget to give Spike Chunsoft a follow on Twitter.

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