Curious Expedition 2 Leaving Steam Early Access In Early 2021

Curious Expedition 2 Leaving Steam Early Access In Early 2021

Maschinen-Mensh has been hard at work on their upcoming title, Curious Expedition 2, and in conjunction with Thunderful Publishing recently revealed that the game will be leaving Early Acces on Steam in early 2021. Lorenzo Pilia, the producer at Maschinen-Mensh, thanked the Early Access community for their assistance in providing feedback that aided with the improvements to the game. According to Pilia, the Early Access version is already in a very polished state, and only requires a little more time for it to meet their standards for the 1.0 release.

Curious Expedition 2 is the sequel to the very popular original game and is set in a reimagined 1889 where mysterious islands have begun to appear and disappear in the Atlantic ocean. This phenomenon has piqued the interest of the three great Explorer Clubs of Paris, who began funding expeditions to these islands. Their goal is to bring back treasures to the World’s Fair. Players are given the opportunity to assemble their crew and then discover all manner of unique cultures, flora, fauna, treasures, and more.

Curious Expedition 2 features a timeless art style that is inspired by the classic Franco-Belgian comics of the 20th century. These visuals, in conjunction with the orchestrated soundtrack, gives the impression of a pulp adventure storybook that has come to life. It’s not just a pretty game either as your characters along with those you recruit are procedurally generated to ensure that no two adventures are ever the same. All manner of unforeseen circumstances also await players and to make it back home with your spoils as well as your team will require careful resource and sanity management.

PC players curious about the game can already grab the Early Access version or wait until early 2021 for the full commercial release. The release of the PC version will also be followed by Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation launches later in 2021. For more information give Maschinen-Mensch and Thunderful Publishing a follow on Twitter.

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