Debut Trailer For One Shell Straight To Hell Trailer Revealed

Debut Trailer For One Shell Straight To Hell Trailer Revealed

Anyone looking for a completely new spin on the art of exorcism and demon hunting should take a look at the brand new trailer for One Shell Straight To Hell. This upcoming release is being developed by Shotgun with Glitters and casts players in the role of Father Padre Alexander. Padre, as he is known to friends and foes alike, is no ordinary man of the cloth as he is not only heavily armed but also has a penchant for sarcasm.

One Shell Straight To Hell sees Padre coming to the assistance of the Halliwell family. For generations they have been the ones responsible for keeping an earthly entrance to hell in check, but as time passed and nothing happened the family began to see their burden as a fairy tale. Things obviously go very wrong and players must help Padre descent into ever-changing dungeons that are overflowing with demonic enemies. Thankfully, Padre has a large assortment of ludicrous weapons and traps with which to keep the monsters and bosses at bay.

According to the developers, One Shell Straight To Hell will offer a refreshing blend of gaming styles. The fast-paced action of the game combines elements of dungeon-crawling, shooting as well as tower defense while also offering strong rogue-lite replay-ability. In addition to the engaging gameplay, the game will also have a compelling storyline, with a memorable protagonist.

Visually, One Shell Straight To Hell uses Voxel Art and foes range from possessed kitchen drawers to long-dead pirate captains along with more demons than you can shake a crucifix at. Even the weapons sound unique as Padre will have access to holy weapons drawing on his faith as well as unholy weapons craving his blood. The work of a demon hunter is never done as Padre will also have to defend the mansion from hordes of enemies by building traps and more when he’s not busy dungeon-crawling.

Check out the debut trailer for One Shell Straight To Hell below and then head on over to the Steam page to wishlist the game if you like what you see.

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