Fatshark Giving Away 100K Lead & Gold Keys

Fatshark Giving Away 100K Lead & Gold Keys

These days Fatshark is better known for developing Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide, but back in 2010 the Swedish team released their very first game, called Lead and Gold. This Wild West themed third-person shooter features a compelling team-based multiplayer experience that still holds up well despite its age. Players who are not yet acquainted with Lead & Gold can now rectify this thanks to Fatshark deciding to give away 100K keys for the game.

So, how does a developer decide to give away such a crazy amount of keys? Well, according to the press release we received, it went a little something like this:

Sven: Any ideas on fun stuff we can do this summer?
Nameless employee (NE): What about giving away a bunch of keys to Lead and Gold?
Sven: Yes, let’s do 100K Keys.
NE: What, 100,000 keys!?
Sven: 100,000!?!?
NE: Yes, you said 100K.
Sven. Oh *cough* Yes, err, of course I meant 100,000 keys! What else? Less would be silly…

All you have to do to add this unique game to your library is to head on over to http://100k.fatsharkgames.com and get your key. Don’t forget to give Fatshark a follow on Twitter or Facebook as well to thank them and bug them for a long overdue sequel!

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