Final Fantasy X – The Game that Set New Standards for JPRGs

Final Fantasy X – The Game that Set New Standards for JPRGs

The tenth main instalment in the Final Fantasy series is one of the most successful games released during the 6th generation of gaming. Final Fantasy X changed everything players knew about JPRGs, revamping the FF universe and giving a voice to action heroes, whose responses, players previously got to read on on-screen message tabs. Its success led to multiple remastered editions across many different gaming platforms. Naturally, Square Enix earned billions of dollars from the sales of the actual game and all kinds of merchandise sold all over the world. Tidus, Yuna, Lulu, and Rikku became digital fashion icons, inspiring professional and amateur artists of different ages and different backgrounds.

A Beautifully Designed Role-Playing Game

Final Fantasy X is a game that was beyond its time. Its gaming mechanics were amazing, the storyline wonderful, and the role-playing element was there every step of the way. The graphics were impressive, but the colours were not as rich as the ones players can find in online games such as’s Dazzle Me. Players are aware that they cannot always expect everything to be perfect, but Square could have done a little bit better when working on the designs of planet Spira.

The Things that Made FFX Special

The gaming industry’s main focus when Final Fantasy X came out was role-playing games. Every studio wanted to release a title that had the elements required to beat the competition and convince reviewers to give it a spot among the best role playing games of all time. However, no other game managed to tick as many boxes as Final Fantasy 10 did. With its turn-based battles, its open-world environment, and countless options in creating beautifully designed weapons, FFX attracted the majority of the players who wanted to experience everything a good JPRG had to offer. As for the FF series, Final Fantasy X was the first title to vocalise its heroes’ responses and, of course, to get a sequel. Together with FF X-2, Final Fantasy X sold tens of millions of copies on 6th, 7th, and 8th generation gaming environments.

Blitzball – A Full e-Sports Game within Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X introduced a new mini-game to the fans of Final Fantasy. Previous FF titles had mini-games such as card games or even Chocobo races, but none had a side game where the player could put together a team of ball players and compete in championships and cup tournaments. Blitzball is a mixture of water polo and American football, and players can put together an all-star Blitzball roster to win games and rare prizes. It is a side game that will keep players busy for hours, and its rewards can take the main game to a whole new level. The most important reward is World Champion Celestial: the most powerful weapon for Wakka.

Will Final Fantasy X Get a 9th Generation Remake?

The creation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has given players a good reason to start asking for the release of more remakes, and FFX is a title that would fit perfectly in a 9th generation environment. But, unfortunately, there is no indication that Square Enix is even close to considering releasing a remade version of FFX.

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  1. fyrefoi October 23, 2021

    I bought FFX and X-2 HD remaster on Steam for cheap. Sounds like its time for me to actually start playing them!

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