Game Composers Unite For Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume V

Game Composers Unite For Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume V

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without some festive music, so it’s a good thing that Scarlet Moon Records is back with their annual holiday album. This year marks the fifth time that game composers have united for a selection of Christmas standards arranged in their own style. Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. V also features a couple of game music tracks in Christmas style.

This popular series has seen contributions from Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame, Norihiko Hibino, who worked on Metal Gear Solid, Robyn Miller, who worked on Myst, and many other talented composers. This year is no exception and Volume V features eight tracks, including ones by first-time contributors to the series Gene Micofsky and mojera.

Check out the full track listing for Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. V below and visit the official website where the entire series can be found. The album can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp, where Scarlet Moon is currently hosting a 25% holiday sale. The sale is running until Cyber Monday, so take advantage of the HOLIDAY2020 promotion code for your discount. Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. V will release in full on Black Friday.

  1.   Hunter Bridges – Sleigh Ride in Dreamland
  2.   bLiNd – Ice Bells Are Ringing (“Ice Cave Chant” from Donkey Kong Country)
  3.   mojera – Wonderful Christmas Time
  4.   Gene Micofsky – Hills of Destiny (The Messenger)
  5.   Mustin – Invasion of the Christmas Spirits (The Legend of the Mystical Ninja)
  6.   Justin Lassen – Bunny (“The End of DOOM” from DOOM)
  7.   Osamu Kubota – A Midnight Hymn (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)
  8.   VECTORDRIVE – Sunset on the Drift

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