Have Fun And Help Save Lives With Water Heroes: A Game For Change

Have Fun And Help Save Lives With Water Heroes: A Game For Change

Some games are fun, others are challenging and a few can even be very relaxing. Water Heroes: A Game For Change by Insignio Labs are all of the above while also giving you the opportunity to help save lives. This is because half of the game’s revenue will be donated directly to project ClearWater, which is aimed at bringing clean water to the people of Ecuador. This is certainly a very worthy cause, but the actual game is definitely worthwhile too.

Your main objective in this puzzle themed title is to gather a certain amount of water per level. This can be done by simply tapping on the water pieces that are displayed on a grid. However, usually you have to create these water pieces first by joining two pieces of Hydrogen and one piece of Oxygen from the grid in any order. These pieces obviously have to be adjacent to each other for this to work and you only have a limited amount of moves available to you on each level. Once you reach your target you can continue playing until you run out of moves in order to increase your score. It is a very simple concept, but quite addictive and its not long until additional elements start popping up to make things a little more challenging. These can range from the necessity to form double hydrogens so that you can use your available moves more economically to the appearance of additional blocks on the grid, such as fire, ice, plants, vapor and much more. Some levels also throw in secondary objectives, like forcing you to use a certain amount of doubles, to up the challenge even more.

Overall, the game is a lot of fun, features a decent amount of levels and keeps things interesting by rewarding you with unlockable skins and puzzles as you progress. We’ll be doing a more in-depth review of Water Heroes: A Game For Change soon, but in the meantime, we can definitely recommend it to puzzle fans who are looking for their next challenge. The release date for Water Heroes is November 15 2016 and you can grab it for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. Check out the trailer for Water Heroes below and visit the official website for more information. We also suggest taking a look at the ClearWater website to see just how important the donations from this game will be for the people of Ecuador. Anyone still not convinced about the game should try out the DEMO version that can be played straight from your browser.

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