Dreamscaper by Afterburner Studios

Dreamscaper by Afterburner Studios

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Everyone who has ever dealt with depression will know what a battle it can be to overcome. This is the situation in which Cassidy, the protagonist of Dreamscaper, finds herself, except in her case it is somewhat more literal. Cassidy actually has the ability to dive into her subconscious and take on the surreal nightmares that she wrestles with. It’s a pretty unique premise for a game and one of the reasons why we suggest checking out the Kickstarter for Dreamcaper by Afterburner Studios. Dreamscaper is an upcoming ARPG Roguelite blend that promises to combine elements from brawlers as well as top-down shooters, and dungeon crawlers.

Dreamscaper will be the debut release from Afterburner Studios, a team of three developers who left behind traditional development to create this title. However, with backgrounds at 2K Games, Epic Games, Zyng, and Outpost Games, they certainly know a thing or two about developing great titles. This is something that is already clear to see with Dreamscaper, despite its current alpha status. It only takes a few playthroughs of the demo to discover that Dreamscaper is shaping up to be something really special.

In typical roguelite fashion, Dreamscaper will require players to defeat enemies, discover secrets and upgrade their gear in order to progress. However, as Cassidy vanquishes her nightmares, players will also discover more about her story. Players will not only be able to explore the dreamscape and confront the nightmares that dwell there, but also control Cassidy during her waking hours. It is here where it will be possible to build relationships, unlock stories and earn more upgrades. Afterburner Studios also revealed that as you explore the waking and dreaming worlds your actions in one will affect the other.

We made our way through the alpha demo for Dreamscaper, which features two randomly generated worlds along with two boss fights. In addition to showcasing the unique visual style of the game, the demo also highlights the smooth combat. With more than ten unique combat styles, along with more than five unique powers and hundreds of item combinations, the demo is already extremely addictive. Dreamscaper will feature a vast array of unique weapons, both melee and ranged, which will ensure that each run feels unique. The ability to harness dream powers will also give you more of a fighting chance against the enemies and bosses that Cassidy must face. Normal foes represent different emotions Cassidy is struggling with, such as anxiety or hopelessness, while the bosses take on the form of her most negative emotions, such as fear and loss.

Dreamscaper currently has a Kickstarter campaign running with a goal of US$ 25,000 and an expected release of Q1 2020. The game is expected to release on PC first, but a Nintendo Switch version is also planned if the stretch goal is reached. The Kickstarter also features some neat rewards, such as a digital copy of the soundtrack, which is composed, performed and put together by Dale North, as well as an art book, beta access, exclusive Cassidy Skin. If your pledge is big enough, you can even become directly involved by naming an item, weapon or ability, designing a keepsake, weapon or lucid power, or even becoming an NPC. Judging by our time with the alpha version, Dreamscaper is going to turn some heads when it is released, but don’t take our word for it as the demo is available right now to try out for free. Check out the trailer below and don’t forget to follow the game on social media to find out more.

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