Legends of Fire & Steel by Boomzap Entertainment

Legends of Fire & Steel by Boomzap Entertainment

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Have a yearning to conquer and rule a fantasy world? Then the Legends of Fire & Steel Kickstarter is definitely something to check out. According to the developers they were very influenced by oldschool strategy titles such as Heroes of Might & Magic, Warcraft and Civilization as well as board and card games. The end result is a turn-based strategy title that aims to be simple to play, but with enough depth to keep players hooked.

Legends of Fire & Steel will feature three playable races, the Humans, Fae and Revenant, who are all vying for control of the world. Players will need to recruit heroes and raise armies in order to capture territories. These territories will then provide access to resources and cities that can be used to recruit new heroes as well as units. Players will be able to select the type of units they want to recruit into their army and figure out the best combinations for taking down enemy castles.

Since the game is turn based it will allow for effective use of tactics and strategies instead of focusing on fast clicking skills. The game will also feature a multi-player mode, but promises that you won’t be spending the majority of your time waiting for your opponent to finish their turn. Instead, players will plan their moves simultaneously and see how everything plays out.

The first thing that grabbed our attention about Legends of Fire & Steel is the beautiful visual style. The artwork for the heroes and units look superb and three extra races, the dwarfs, goblins, and demons, are also planned for the future. Because the game has been designed to be playable on tablets as well as PC and Mac it will feature a streamlined design. However, according to the developers, there will be enough meaningful choices to ensure a lot of replay value.

Boomzap Entertainment has a lot of experience in the industry, but Legends of Fire & Steel looks set to be their most ambitious title yet. We like the fact that they have not given in to publishers’ demands to turn this into a more casual or free-to-play title, but instead opted to try and fund it themselves. The project can do with a lot of support though, as at the time of writing it is only 5% funded and there is just two weeks left to reach its goal. We sincerely hope that it garners more interest and reaches its goals as it certainly looks a lot more ambitious than most run-of-the mill free-to-play titles currently on the market.

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