Natural Instincts by Dreamstorm Studios

Natural Instincts by Dreamstorm Studios

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There’s nothing as soothing as a good nature documentary, which is why Natural Instincts by Dreamstorm Studios caught our eye. The game promises to be an interactive nature documentary sim where players are given the opportunity to keep the balance. The game currently has a Kickstarter Campaign running to help generate the CA$15,000 needed to make it a reality.

Dreamstorm Studios promises an open world in which the fates of different animals are in the hands of players. Keeping the delicate balance is not an easy task as nature is beautiful, but it can also be deadly. It’s not just natural predators that can cause harm to a species either as humans are also a threat. The game will have up to six different biomes, each with unique environments as well as exclusive animals and plants. Whether you would love to guide a pack of wolves in the forest or a pride of lions from Africa this is the game to do it. These animals don’t just look different either but have their own unique behavior that you need to observe. You can even help with natural selection by making sure that the right features are genetically inherited by an animal’s offspring. To make things even more challenging there’s a small matter of environmental hazards, such as fires or droughts that can play havoc with your plans.

Natural Instincts sounds like the perfect game for anyone who has ever watched a nature documentary and wished that they could save that poor bunny from the hungry predator hunting it. Pledges for the Natural Instincts Kickstarter is as low as CA$ 15 to get the full game on release or CA$ 20 to get the alpha version of the game right away. These pledges are limited to a certain amount of backers, though, so be fast if you don’t want to miss out. As is the norm for Kickstarter there are also higher pledge tiers available that come with all kinds of extra goodies, such as an exclusive wallpaper pack, invitation to an exclusive discord channel, and even the opportunity to be added to the game as one of the human characters.

At the time of publishing this article, Natural Instincts has already reached a quarter of its Kickstarter goal thanks to 165 backers. However, it would be great if it also reached its stretch goals to include brand new areas such as the Arctic, tropical forest, and even the Pacific Ocean. Check out the trailer for Natural Instinct below and visit the Kickstarter Page to pledge if you like what you see. The game can also already be wishlisted on Steam. Finally, give the developers a follow on Facebook or Twitter and help spread the word.

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