The Last Faith by Kumi Souls

The Last Faith by Kumi Souls

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As much as we loved Bloodstained; Ritual of the Night there was still a small part of us that wished the visuals retained the beautiful pixel art style of Symphony of the Night. It looks like we were not the only ones either as The Last Faith – a dark Gothic Metroidvania by Kumi Souls Games was 100% funded in just 2 days. The Last Faith will allow players to discover the secrets of a decadent world where an ancient religion is the law, but they will have to face horrific beasts to subvert a hidden prophecy.

The first thing that we noticed about The Last Faith is the highly detailed pixel art style of the game. When done properly pixel art can still look very impressive and the art in The Last Faith really nails the dark and Gothic theme. Kumi Souls Games promises that it will be an exploration-based Metroidvania title, so expect plenty fo action in this side-scrolling platformer. It will have a satisfying reactive action combat system that gives players a high number of different weapons to use. Special buffs will also be available to power up these weapons along with a variety of magic spells. Of course, no Metroidvania would be complete without a giant world to explore and, judging by the trailer, The Last Faith has got this covered as well.

The Last Faith smashed through its £50,000 goal in just two days thanks to more than 900 backers, but there’s still time to reach the stretch goals too. These include a boss only mode, extra buff powers on weapons, and more stretch goals that will still be revealed. Kumi Souls Games plans on releasing The Last Faith on as many platforms as possible and a pledge of £22 will get you a digital copy of the game on Steam, Switch, PS4, or Xbox One. Of course, there are some nice rewards for pledging higher tiers as well, such as a digital artbook, digital soundtrack, physical copies of the game, a physical art book, a T-shirt, and more. Some of the higher tiers even allow you to design a custom NPC, secret area, or boss for the game.

The Kickstarter page for The Last Faith reveals more details about the story, combat system, and weapons in the game, all of which is sounding pretty impressive to say the least. There’s also plenty of animated GIFs to showcase just how beautiful the pixel art visuals look in action. According to Kumi Souls Games they have been working non-stop on The last Faith for about two years now and are ready to move to the production stage now. The Last Faith will be their second title after the release of Ninja Knight on Android in 2017.

We are big Metroidvania fans here at GAMERamble and The Last Faith looks like something fans of the genre should be really excited about. Check out the Kickstarter page for more information about the game as well and be sure to back the project if you like what you see.

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