Meet Shin – One Of The Bachelors From Amnesia: Memories

Meet Shin – One Of The Bachelors From Amnesia: Memories

Idea Factory International unveiled some new screenshots from the upcoming release Amnesia: Memories™. The images feature Shin, one of the bachelors that the protagonist in the game will encounter. He is a quiet and reserved young man who has a bit of a dark past, which means he is unwilling to wear his heart on his sleeve. Apparently only true love can solve the mystery behind his hardened heart and it is up to players to discover whether childhood friendship can blossom into romance.

Amnesia: Memories is an otome visual novel that is set for release on Playstation Vita in August, followed by a Steam version soon afterwards. Players control the Heroine who somehow loses all her memories. A spirit named Orion appears to help you with the process of regaining these memories, but warns you not to let anyone discover your amnesia. Apparently this will seriously jeopardize any chances of getting your memories back. This means you will have to navigate a world that is completely strange to the Heroine without letting any of the five men close to her discover this secret!

The game will feature five potential love interests, each with multiple branching story paths. Your choices will ultimately lead up to more than 20 different endings. The Heroine must make the right conversation choices to keep the Affection and Trust parameters maxed out, but poor choices can raise Suspicion, which can lead to a bad ending. Amnesia: Memories will also feature mini-games to play against other characters and beating them unlocks special images.

The amount of visual novels on Steam have been steadily increasing, but otome titles are still underrepresented, so we look forward to seeing what Amnesia: Memories will have to offer. Give Idea Factory International a follow on Twitter to stay up to date about this game.

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