Pinball FX3 Aims For A Big Debut With A Couple Of Universal Classics

Pinball FX3 Aims For A Big Debut With A Couple Of Universal Classics

Ask anyone to name some of the best movies of all time and, if they have any kind of taste, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, and the Back to the Future trilogy will get a mention. These motion pictures are not just some of the best from Amblin Entertainment, but bona fide classics. Now, thanks to Zen Studios, fans will be able to do more than just watch these films, but also experience them in a whole new light as pinball tables. This announcement of the Universal Classics Pinball pack follows hot on the heels of news that Pinball FX3 will be hitting all the major gaming platforms soon.

Owners of the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10 can look forward to the Universal Classics Pinball being released as part of the launch of the Pinball FX3 platform. Owners of Zen Pinball on iOS and Android won’t be left out in the cold either as these themed tables will be released as individual in-app purchases on the respective stores. According to Mel Kirk, Zen’s Vice President of Publishing, the three tables were designed to capture the most memorable moments from the films on which they are based. Considering the stellar job that Zen Studios have done on the previous licenses that they worked with, we can’t wait to get our hands on Universal Classics Pinball.

Check out the screenshots below for a glimpse of the new tables and view the E.T. Pinball Trailer to see the table in action. Fans should also visit the official Pinbal FX website as well as the Zen Studios blog for more information about these tables along with news about the Pinball FX3 platform.

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  1. Karah25 August 8, 2017

    I am colossal fan of their pinball games and these tables look as brilliant as the rest. My biggest wish is a Pokemon themed table or set of tables for Zen Pinball. I know that there were Pokemon tables before on gameboy and whatnot but nothing like what Zen could make. Its wishful thinking since Nintendo won’t let anyone else touch their license but just imagine the possibilities.

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