Play Your Games Everywhere With Remotr

Play Your Games Everywhere With Remotr

Having a powerful PC is great for playing the latest games, but unless you are using a laptop they aren’t exactly portable. This means that you are usually confined to whichever room your PC is when you feel like playing games. Thankfully there is an app called Remotr that frees you from this restriction and allows you to play your PC games anywhere. Remotr accomplishes this by streaming games from PCs to mobile phones and tablets as well as Smart TVs.

The team behind Remotr has been pouring everything into the app for almost two years now and gamers are finding it useful enough that it is steadily closing in on a million downloads. In addition to being able to stream your PC games to whatever screen you are in front of in crisp HD Remotr has a couple of other cool features too. Controls are traditionally a big barrier when trying to play PC games on touch screen devices, but with Remotr you can make your own presets or use pre-existing ones. Simply add any keys you need, resize the buttons as you see fit or even change the icons if you wish. Those who prefer using a gamepad can connect any Bluetooth compatible one to their TV or mobile and use it with Remotr.

Setting up Remotr couldn’t be easier as you can use any Wifi connection or even 3/4G. All that is required is installing the free Remotr Streamer on your PC, registering an account, and then installing the app on the device to which you want to stream. This also means that 2-4 players can play together in supported games by installing Remotr on their mobile devices and connecting to the same streamer.

Since Remotr automatically adds any game that you’ve installed via Steam, Blizzard, Origin or Glyph to its library, you are ready to start playing as soon as you log in to the app. Even games that were installed outside of these clients can be added manually.

According to the list on the Remotr website plenty of players are spending hours streaming titles such as League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V and Dota 2 using the app. We’ve tried it out ourselves and everything ran without a hitch. Cool features, such as chat and streaming to a VR device are also in the works, so Remotr is definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on. Give the team a follow on Twitter and grab everything you need to get started from the official website.

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