Protect Yourself And Others With Kawaii Face Masks by Blippo

Protect Yourself And Others With Kawaii Face Masks by Blippo

With COVID-19 continuing to be a big issue around the globe things like social distancing and wearing masks have become the new norm. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to face masks, but the disposable face masks by Blippo have to be amongst the cutest. Blippo was kind enough to send us a pack of these masks to try out and they certainly proved to be a hit by fans of all things kawaii.

Blippo is known for its kawaii designs and these disposable face masks are no exception. They are adorned with adorable images of rainbows, clouds, heart-shaped balloons, stars wearing capes, and other cute images. However, the masks do more than just look pretty. Not only are the masks soft, comfortable, and very easy to breathe through, but they are also made with three protective layers. These cover the nose, mouth, and chin to offer full protection. With the adjustable noseband, it is possible to create a light seal around your face to breathe easily while the elastic earloops are comfortable enough for all-day use.

Blippo is selling the kawaii masks in re-sealable packs of 10 at a price of $9.90. They were designed in Tokyo, Japan, by Blippo Kawaii Shop and are manufactured in a safe and sterile facility. According to Blippo, these masks are perfect for school, work, shopping, and doing other indoor and outdoor activities. One thing is for sure, these masks will appeal to anyone who loves all things cute and makes for a nice change from other boring masks. To order your own Kawaii Face Masks head on over to the Blippo shop where at the time of writing this article they are also giving away a free pack of these masks with any order valued at $25 or above.

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