Ring Of Elysium Releasing On Steam Early Access Next Week

Ring Of Elysium Releasing On Steam Early Access Next Week

There is no denying that the survival and battle royale shooter genres are thriving at the moment, but despite the crowded market, there’s always room for more good ones. One title that definitely looks like it is worth keeping an eye on is the upcoming Ring of Elysium from Tencent Games. Ring of Elysium, which was formerly known as Europa, is heading for Steam Early Access on 19 September and players can already wishlist the game on the store page.

Ring of Elysium is the work of the Tencent Games studio, Aurora, and it makes use of their in-house next-gen game engine, dubbed “QuickSilver X.” The setting for the game is a mountainous region that is experiencing an ice age level snowstorm. Players are thrown into this region where they have to cope with a dynamic weather system that can affect the map and force them to adapt their survival and combat strategies if they want to survive. Some areas on the map can even experience avalanches that will take out any buildings and players within range when triggered.

To distinguish the game from the multitude of other battle royale titles on the market Aurora is implementing some interesting match objectives for Ring of Elysium. You will still be killing other players, but there is no need to be the last one standing. Instead, you are making your way towards a rescue helicopter that has four open seats, which means up to four players will be able to win a match. This obviously means that simply sitting back and camping is not going to win you the match and you will have to overcome the terrain in addition to your opponents. The weapons in Ring of Elysium are also looking good, with a modern arsenal at your disposal along with an innovative attachment system.

One of the most exciting aspects of Rings of Elysium in our opinion is the size of the map, which allows for a variety of transportation methods. In addition to cars and boats, the game will also allow you to engage in some extreme sports, so hang-gliding, snowboarding or even mountaineering are all viable options for getting to where you want to be. Other highlights include a time system that allows for matches to occur at different times of the day, intuitive cover mechanics, the ability to seamlessly switch between first person or third person camera views, and of course the adaptive weather system that can affect player’s health.

Check out the trailer for Rings of Elysium below and then head on over to the official Steam store page to wishlist the game. Its release date is scheduled for September 19th, 2018 and it will be a free to play title, so there is no reason to miss out.

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