Should We Expect an Age of Mythology Sequel Soon?

Should We Expect an Age of Mythology Sequel Soon?

Few PC fans have escaped the addictive excitement of the Age of Empires series. Some joined the hype in the 1990s with the launch of the first game, which literally forced you to build a civilization from nothing back in the stone age, while others were immersed in the Age of Mythology spin-off that showed the true power of the gods. With Age of Empires being remastered and there being a whole Microsoft studio devoted to Age of Empires, can we expect more from Age of Mythology?

One thing that fans would relish would be another game in the Age of Mythology series. The first game provided a lesson in Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology adding mythical creatures and the wrath of the gods to the standard supremacy gameplay. Creative director of Empires, Adam Isgreen hinted that Age of Mythology may be revisited back in 2019 when the definitive editions of the Empires games had been defeated.

2003 saw an expansion pack, Age of Mythology: The Titans, that introduced new elements and a new pantheon of gods – the Atlanteans. In 2016, they produced Tale of the Dragon, introducing Chinese mythology into the mix. With so many cultures out there, with so many legends and myths, gods and goddesses, there is a lot of scope for the next Age of Mythology game.

Indeed, there is something irreverently popular about pantheons of gods and the heroic age of man and monster. For instance, the Marvel Cinematic Universe borrow Thor and Loki’s mythology for their series of films. The brotherly battle was something prevalent in the mythology and translated well to the superhero franchise.

There are even slot games that take the theme of the pantheon of gods: including Gods of Olympus to Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas, Star Gods, Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom, and Age of the Gods: Epic Troy. This concise list shows that the types of slot games on offer are a pull for online gamers, so game content that is engaging, such as this, is a factor in players’ decisions on where to game. This Greek theme helps people engage with the franchises and shows just how powerful and evocative the pantheon of gods can be.

The Age of Empires definitive collection of the third installment began its beta rollout in February 2020, attempting to gain traction from diehard fans. The fourth installment of the series is scheduled for release sometime in 2021. With this game almost wrapped up – footage has already shown medieval warfare between the English and Mongolian armies – we could very well expect Age of Mythology to gift another title for a new generation of historical gamers in the years to come.

Simulation games that involve strategy, tactics, and supremacy are extremely popular. PC gaming might have waned slightly to make room for mobile gaming and the war of the consoles, but titles such as Age of Empires and Age of Mythology show just how engaging PC gaming can be. Fans would be overjoyed to play another edition of Mythology, and are no doubt waiting patiently for the fourth Empires, some joining the beta for the definitive version of the back catalog.

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