Stargazers from Lupiesoft Out Now

Stargazers from Lupiesoft Out Now

Visual novel fans who have been eagerly awaiting the latest release from Lupiesoft, The Stargazers, will be happy to hear that it is out now on Steam, MangaGamer and The game, which is inspired by pulp sci-fi, follows the adventures of three pilots who are part of the Allied Defense Force Signals. These girls are tasked with venturing deep into uncharted space and then explore the hell out of it.

Join squadron leader Temperance Goodchild, pilot officer Risty Mello and pilot officer Viiflidi Ylvida in a tale about star ships, giant robots and nefarious villains. Lupiesoft is known for their unique visual style and diverse characters as seen in titles like The Reject Demon as well as The Menagerie and The Stargazers looks like it continues this trend. It is also a self contained story, although the developers have stated that they are open to making more stories in the future.

The Stargazers is available as either an uncensored adult version, available on MangaGamer or an all-ages version that can be picked up from Steam as well as Lupiesoft has stated that they will not be skirting Valve’s TOS by offering an off site patch for the adult content, so the only way to play the game fully uncensored is via MangaGamer. Players who prefer the all ages version can look forward to steam cards, backgrounds and badges, all with custom artwork, shortly after the launch on Steam. A free trial version of the game is available from Steam and for players who want to test the waters first.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below and don’t forget to follow Lupiesoft and MangaGamer on Twitter to stay updated.

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