Terminal Conflict Now Out of Early Access

Terminal Conflict Now Out of Early Access

The purpose of Steam Early Access was to get unfinished games in front of Steam users and then continue development while benefiting from their feedback. Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of games ended up in Early Access limbo or were abandoned when funds and or interest ran out. Thankfully, this is not the case with Terminal Conflict, which after being deployed on Steam in 2018, has now left Early Access.

For anyone not yet familiar with Terminal Conflict, it is a highly complex Cold War turn-based sim from the team at Strategy Mill. It is quite an ambitious title but seeing as Strategy Mill has ex-Paradox Interactive backgrounds, they know a thing or two about the genre. Terminal Conflict is a game of diplomacy, technology, and possibly even nuclear war as players command more than 120 regions around the world. Players can choose to either command the United States or the Soviet Union and do everything from winning the Space Race to funding proxy wars. The developers also went with a retro computer terminal UI for that authentic Cold War feel.

Terminal Access can be played either solo or against another player online for the ultimate battle of wits. The game aims to be one of the most highly-detailed Cold War sims ever created and players will have to vie for control of both earth and space to achieve victory. Everything from economic, intelligence, and diplomatic to military options are available to players, but there is also the game’s Doomsday Clock to add some pressure. While the methods at your disposal are numerous your goal will always be the same – secure victory by any means and prevent your enemy from gaining global domination. To help out, players are able to recruit over 40 iconic Cold War leaders to their cause, each with their own distinctive playstyle.

The modding community will also be pleased to hear that Terminal Access comes complete with formidable tools to support modding and customization. The powerful in-game editor allows for the construction of custom scenarios that gives players the freedom to re-write history.

Terminal Conflict is available now on Steam for $29.99/£22.99 along with the Supreme Commander, Flower Power, and Eyes Only Upgrade Packs. The extra content can also be purchased as part of the Flower Power bundle, but rest assured that none of the additional content provides any unfair advantages in multiplayer. In fact, when connecting to a player with a higher tier DLC, the game for both players will always play the highest DLCs available. For more information, check out the Steam page and official website or head on over to the Terminal Conflict Discord.

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