Second Season Of The Last Door Kicks Off With Beta Version Of “The Playwright”

Second Season Of The Last Door Kicks Off With Beta Version Of “The Playwright”

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A while back we took a look at the low resolution horror adventure, The Last Door, from Spanish studio The Game Kitchen. The first four chapters of the game, which make up season one of the story, was released on Steam as a collector’s edition. Now The Game Kitchen has announced that the season two premier, titled “The Playwright” will be released on the 31st of October 2014.

Premium community members won’t have to wait as long though as they will be able to check out the beta version of the chapter and collaborate on the finishing touches for this fifth chapter in the series. While the beta version won’t include the beginning or end of the episode everything else will be in place.

If this sound enticing you can become a premium member with a contribution of 15€. As part of your premium membership you not only get early access to beta versions, but also all present and future episodes of the saga along with other goodies such as the complete OST, exclusive contents and discounts. A unique feature of the series is the “Leave your mark” initiative whereby community members can come up with the text descriptions for many of the in-game objects which are intentionally left undescribed in the game. Not only are the best descriptions from the community selected for the final release, but the authors also get recognition in the credits.

The Playwright will once again feature a soundtrack composed by Carlos Viola who has done a masterful job in the previous episodes. The Game Kitchen also promises many new enhancements for this chapter as it will be the first done using Unity. Crowdfunding for the next episode will begin as soon as The Playwright is released. Anyone yet to experience the brilliant atmosphere and story of The Last Door should definitely check out the collector’s edition on Steam to see what they have been missing out on. Also check out our interview with The Game Kitchen to hear more about the game in their own words.

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  1. Fastjones October 13, 2014

    I hope its as good as the first season!

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