The Most Popular Games Of Recent Years

The Most Popular Games Of Recent Years

Gamers everywhere are always keen to be on the lookout for new games. Sometimes that means checking for little-known releases that didn’t get much coverage. But at other times, it’s a simple case of looking for those which are actually extremely popular. If you are keen to do that, then there are a number of games of recent years to look out for. In this post, we are going to list some of the most popular games of recent years which you might want to play if you haven’t already. Any of these are bound to provide you with hours of entertainment.


There has really been no other game quite like Minecraft in history. This is a sandbox game, meaning that you are given a space and endless tools to create what you want, and in Minecraft this is really taken to its extreme. As anyone who has played it will know, you can pretty much do anything you want in this world, and it is one of the most incredibly diverse and interesting games to have come out of the past decade or so. You can take a look at the main game or alternative online options like these skyblock servers, but however you play it, one thing is for sure – you are bound to get hooked.

Civilization VI

The Civ series has long been a popular one, and in truth it is only getting better and better with age. In the latest addition to the series, Civilization VI, you have more control than ever over how your civilization is run – including a stream of endlessly fascinating Civic options to ensure that the culture plays out how you want it to. There are so many online options now too, so whether you want to play a domination game or just win through a religious victory, you can do so with anyone anywhere in the world. Even for such an amazing series, they have really outdone themselves this time.


This game has been so popular in its own right that you can almost forget it is part of a series – the fifth instalment, in fact. But Skyrim is truly amazing, and anyone who loves a roaming RPG is going to get everything they ever dreamed of out of this incredible game. With an awesome fantasy story and some really clever intuitive in-game gameplay stunts, you are going to find yourself drawn into the world again and again here. It really is one of those games that can sink hours without you really noticing – and what better mark of a game can there be than that?

If you haven’t played any of these, you are going to be doing yourself a huge favour by getting into them now. Each of these could be your next favourite game of all time, and yet they are each so different form the last, so there really is something for everyone. Now it’s just time to see what comes next in the world of gaming.

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