Trashed Out On Steam Early Access

Trashed Out On Steam Early Access

Out today on Steam Early Access is Trashed, a garbage management action-adventure developed by Josh Presseisen and published by Crescent Moon Games. Trashed sees players building structures for waste management from a top-down perspective, which must then be protected using various weapons. These weapons can be found or bought on the planet.

Trashed also has vehicles that allow players to traverse the surface of each planet faster. The vehicles can also be used to push trans into incinerators or recyclers. Only 25% of the final content of Trashed is included in the Early Access version of the game. In addition to the core mechanics that are still being finished the game will also be getting new content and art assets during the development period.

Along with the unique waste management system and various vehicles in the Early Access version players can also look forward to planet terraforming, a day and night system as well as lots of exploring. The game has three different planets to explore with unique items to find, and special weapons as well as upgrades for each planet.

Still in the pipeline for the game are features like an inventory system, more enemies, more story dialogue, more vehicles, voice-over for the main storyline, UI improvements, controller support, and overall polish. Check out the trailer for Trashed below and visit the Steam Store, official website, or Discord for more information.


  1. HRKVIkING 17 days ago

    This looks good but why is it shown on Steam as a full release and not early access like you say here?

    • GAMERamble 17 days ago

      We got word from Crescent Moon Games that it was released out of Early Access on Steam today by mistake and that Valve has been asked to revert the situation.

      • HRKVIkING 17 days ago

        Hey thanks for the response. Looks like it has been fixed now.

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