Lewd Warfare (Ironstrom And Co)

Lewd Warfare (Ironstrom And Co)

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With plenty of English visual novels appearing on Steam and in bundles these days players are spoiled for choice. However, indie games with adult content still face an uphill battle in terms of funding and exposure. We’ve seen developers like Lupiesoft expanding their roster with adult titles, such as the upcoming Menagerie, but outside of the visual novel genre the pickings for quality adult titles are still slim. Nevertheless, a small team of programmers, designers and artists are seeking to change this with their upcoming 18+ title, Lewd Warfare.

The game will take the form of a Match 3 style RPG where units with unique abilities and spells fight against each other. Lewd Warfare promises multiple factions, including Amazonians, Mages, Elves and Humanoids. Each of these factions will also feature four unique units, along with a leader, all represented on screen with full body art.

Despite its name, the focus of Lewd Warfare won’t just be the adult content, but instead aims on it being one of the components of the experience. The team is fully dedicated to creating a game that is good enough to stand on its own without using the adult content as a crutch. The full game will feature a large map with territories to conquer in order to gain valuable resources, so there will be some strategy elements involved as well.

The team expects the full version of the game to be released around September or October while a public demo should be available in a few weeks’ time. Since Lewd Warfare will be an 18+ title right from the start, the team cannot make use of Kickstarter for the funding. Instead, they have turned to Patreon, but even there they are not eligible for donations through PayPal because of the adult nature of the project.

Anyone interested in Lewd Warefare or who simply want to see more adult titles released that are not restricted to the visual novel market should check out what the team is up to. More information is available on their Tumblr page as well as Patreon.

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