Wonder Boy Returns (CFK Co., Ltd.)

Wonder Boy Returns (CFK Co., Ltd.)

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Not content with finally bringing Princess Maker 2 Refine to English speaking audiences, CFK, is also bringing a high definition remake of the original Wonder Boy to Steam. The first game in the series was released back in 1986 and made quite an impression in the arcades thanks to its fast paced side scrolling action. The success of the game also resulted in numerous ports and spin-off titles across various formats.

Wonder Boy Returns, which will be released October 13th, promises to retain the frantic pace and fun gameplay of the original, but spruce it up with some glossy new visuals. Gameplay wise it will retain its side scrolling platforming, so players will once again have to grab food items to avoid or defeat enemies, grab items and gobble down food to stay alive. The story also remains faithful to the original with the lead character on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of the Dark King. All the forest, beach, and cave levels of the original game make a return, but with a brand new level of detail. The game will also feature new levels as well as some never before seen bosses to defeat.

We have very fond memories of Wonder Boy, so we are very hopeful that CFK is able to recapture the charm of the original while delivering the polished experience expected by modern audiences. The new visual style certainly looks very bold and colorful, but might cause some division amongst purists. We won’t have to wait too long to find out how true the gameplay remains to the original as Wonder Boy Returns launches globally on October 13th, 2016 at a price of $14.99. It will also have a 20% discount promotion during the first week, so fans of the original should definitely mark the date on their calendars. Check out the screenshots and trailer below or head to the official Facebook page for more information.

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