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Usually all it takes to get our attention are the words “shoot ‘em up,” but Xenoraid from 10tons Ltd looks like it will be of special interest. The game is a vertically scrolling shooter with a small dash of bullet hell, but don’t expect to memorize your way out of harm’s way with this one. 10tons has revealed that missions will be procedurally driven based on set parameters, which means enemy formations and attack directions will be different each time.

While the story, which focusses on the first ever space war between Earth and an alien raiding fleet, is about par for the course when it comes to shooters, the game will have some unique features. Instead of limiting you to a single ship in battle you will actually be able to take up to four with you on each mission. Although you will still only be controlling one at a time you can switch between them at will. Apart from the wingmen the shooting will also be a little different from your typical shooter. Guns will lock down and require brief emergency cooling if you hold down the fire button all the time. This means you’ll have to make each shot count and carefully line up your targets before pulling the trigger. Your craft will also turn slightly when moving left and right, so shots can be angled.

Xenoraid is set to feature a campaign mode where players will take part in several multi-mission battles and take down bosses while following the storyline. Weapon and tech upgrades will also be available to improve your craft. Then there is the Survival mode, which like the campaign mode, can also be played in local co-op mode.

If all goes well Xenoraid will be available on Steam, PS4, Vita and Xbox One this year. We recommend that anyone interested in the Steam version head to the Greenlight page for the game right away and cast a vote. Players have already responded very positively to the Greenlight campaign, but the developers would definitely appreciate a few more votes. For more information about the game and developers check out the links to the left.

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