Reverse Crawl (Nerdook Productions)

Reverse Crawl (Nerdook Productions)

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Fans eager to find out what Nerdook Productions have been up to since the release of Vertical Drop Heroes HD last year should mark September 24th on their calendars. This is the date that Reverse Crawl will be hitting both Steam and the Humble Store. It is a game that turns the tables by giving you the opportunity to be the dungeon instead of the heroes.

Of course, there have been games that give you control over your own dungeon, but never in that unique Nerdook visual style. In Reverse Crawl players will get to pit their minions against the pesky heroes in tactical turn-based combat, while unlocking a variety of evil powers. Thanks to its dynamic campaign system and branching story line the game will also offer plenty of replay value. Depending on the choices made during the game you will also unlock different minions, traits and powers.

Reverse Crawl will be launching at the wallet friendly price of $5.99 and current owners of Vertical Drop Heroes HD will benefit from an additional discount. Speaking of Vertical Drop Heroes HD, it will be released on console sometime during the first quarter of 2016. Check out the trailer and screenshots for Reverse Crawl below and use the links on the left for more information about this unique game.

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