Compulsion Games Announces We Happy Few

Compulsion Games Announces We Happy Few

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After the release of Contrast way back in 2013, things have been rather quiet from Compulsion Games. The developers have finally broken their silence though to announce their latest title, We Happy Few. Apparently they have been hard at work on the game since early 2014 and judging by the trailer it has been time well spent.

The game will be set in an alternative 1960s England, which is a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city filled with some eerily happy people. Check out the trailer below to see what happens to anyone who doesn’t abide by the rules of these creepy folks. While we have to reserve judgment until we can actually try out the game, it certainly looks very promising. It definitely looks like an ambitious title as well for an indie studio. However, with Contrast (which we awarded 8/10 in our review in 2013) Compulsion Games have already proven that they are capable of producing great work.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Page and Twitter of Compulsion Games as the developers are promising a much more community-focused approach to We Happy Few.

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