What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy This Autumn?

What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy This Autumn?

You can never let your guard down with gaming releases. You can be so wrapped up in what you’re playing at the moment that a game you have been looking forward to can sneak up out of nowhere. This can be a problem if you don’t have the time or money for the game, meaning you’re going have to make some compromises. To make sure you know some of the big releases coming this autumn, read on.

Final Fantasy XV has been over ten years in the making. It started life as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and was so delayed that it had to cut it’s ties with the XIII saga. The delay is also in part due to Square-Enix polishing the game and of course, adapting what was originally a PS3 release to a nextgen experience for PS4 and Xbox One. The game has had two demos so far that have shown off what it can do. It’s expansive and pretty, with a great soundtrack, all the things you’d expect from a mainstream Final Fantasy game. The combat though is leaning towards more a Kingdom Hearts feel, so it’s quite different for the series. Another big RPG with a new instalment is Pokémon Sun and Moon. It has many of the features from previous Pokémon games such as choosing your starter, capturing new creatures, fighting your rivals and so on, but it’s adding new ideas, such as a revamped gym system, the super Z-Moves and adding variants on classic Pokémon.

If you’re not one for hundred-plus hour RPGs, then there are plenty of things to keep you busy in short bursts. The Mario Party series has always been great for a quick bit of fun and now you can enjoy that wherever you go with Mario Party: Star Rush for 3DS. It departs from the classic Mario Party formula of being turned based and on a board and goes for a frantic style with free movement and all players going at once in various mini games. You can play against the computer or up to four friends locally through wireless. If you want something on your phone or browser, then this looks very good. Coral’s Jackpot Giant slot has some of the largest prizes of any slot of their site, with five reals and fifty different paylines, more than most other casino games. Get all the wild symbols in a row for life changing sums. Easy to play, a lot to win.

For action games, the autumn has you covered. FPS Titanfall 2 is released at the end of October and plans on building heavily on its predecessor. Its main appeal remains the use of giant mechs in combat and this time around features a single player campaign. Watch Dogs 2 is another sequel set for November and has taken into account the negative feedback from the first instalment to improve the second, adding larger open world, more authentic locations, the driving system has been vastly improved and the protagonist can now parkour around the city. The Gears of War franchise returns with it’s fourth instalment in October. It retains third-person cover based gameplay but adds new melee combat, movement options and weather mechanics.

Video games can keep you busy all year round, but if you think you have some free time this autumn, think again.

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