What Will The Future Of Racing Games Look Like?

What Will The Future Of Racing Games Look Like?

Do you love racing games? If so, then you might be interested in exploring what racing games could be like in the near future. There are already signs of what might be in store so let’s dive in and explore some of these awesome possibilities.

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We definitely wouldn’t rule this out and there’s a reason why that’s such a strong possibility. It’s getting cheaper and easier for people to create and set up their own games from scratch. There are quite a few of these already available on the market and you can definitely expect more to be developed in the near future. If you want the best example of how easy it is to build and create your own games, just look at Playstation Dreams. The achievements in this game are tremendous and allow people to create any type of game they want, often in just a few minutes or a few hours. Games like Drift Hunters are also becoming a lot more popular as people turn their attention away from expensive console gaming and back to more simplistic titles that provide plenty of fun as well as entertainment value.

Dreams - Playstation 4


Neither Sony or Microsoft have mentioned VR as being part of their plans for the next generation of consoles. You might think this means that VR is being abandoned by the big names in the gaming world. While this is a possibility, we don’t think it’s the case. We think it’s far more likely that while plans haven’t been announced yet they are on the horizon. Racing games are perfect for VR and we’ve already seen how immersive experience this could be. It’s impossible to imagine the future of racing without thinking in terms of what VR could potentially bring to the table. We already know that Sony is running a little bit behind Microsoft with their next-gen offering. Could VR be the secret ace up their sleeve? We wouldn’t count it out just yet.

Project CARS 2 - Slightly Mad Studios

Big Titles

We definitely think there are some big racing titles on the horizon. We would certainly bet money on Gran Turismo 7 being released in the near future. It could even be a launch title for the PS5. There is a long history of Gran Turismo being a launch title for Sony and we think this could be the perfect way to get racing fans excited for the next generation of gaming. A couple new Forza titles are also inevitable but the question is what are these games going to look like. Lately, we have seen racing games favor an open-world experience similar to games like GTA. Essentially, you can drive around, participate in challenges, and join up with friends in open-world experience. 

Gran Turismo has always been a series firmly focused in reality and providing the most realistic racing experience possible. Don’t expect this to change in the future.

Gran Turismo™ Sport - Polyphony Digital Inc


We know that the future of gaming is going to pack a punch and deliver experiences that have never been seen or felt before. 8K gaming will be a reality which means that once the TV tech catches up with what the consoles can offer, there are going to be some truly dazzling displays. You can definitely look forward to photorealistic graphics when the next big racing game is released. Indeed, you’ll be able to save everything from the cracks in the tarmac to the individual blades of grass that line the racecourse. Racing games always look incredible and we would bet that when Sony and Microsoft do start to unveil demos of the games they are going to offer, you’ll definitely see spinning wheels.

DIRT 5 - Codemasters

A Focus On Immersion

We have already mentioned that there is a focus on immersive experiences in the gaming world right now. VR is likely still going to be at the forefront of this, but it’s not the only tech option available on the market. Sony is focused on ensuring that sound is also completely immersive. They want to provide a thrilling experience regardless of what device you are using to play their games and use their console. Ultimately, this could mean it doesn’t just look like you’re on a racetrack it feels like it.

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship - KT Racing

We hope that this helps you understand what the future of racing games could look like. As you can see there’s plenty to be excited about here and we think that fans of racing games will be thrilled with the new experiences coming soon.

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