Why Is Retro Gaming More Popular Than Ever?

Why Is Retro Gaming More Popular Than Ever?

The gaming industry has evolved at a rapid rate throughout its 70-year history. However, the progressions have occurred at hyper-speeds since the turn of the century. Despite this, a growing number of gamers are turning their hands to games of yesteryear. The popularity of retro gaming has never been greater.

At a glance, it can feel very strange. After all, nobody is dragging out their old VHS player or dusting off their flare pants from previous decades. However, retro gaming is more than a niche cult and plays a significant role in the modern gaming sector. Here’s why:

It’s Cheaper To Play

Modern gaming is great, but it is expensive. When the PS5 hits our shelves later in the year, players will need to pay hundreds of dollars for the console. Then there are the games, which can often surpass the $100 mark for ‘special edition’ versions. Then there’s the accessories, PlayStation Network, and in-game costs such as extra characters or features. It’s far from cheap.

Conversely, retro gamers can either buy a used console off eBay or try PC gaming through an emulator. When supported by a Mikrotik VPS, enjoying the full potential of games, including online play, is far more affordable. Gaming isn’t fun when it burns a hole in your wallet. No wonder retro is adored.

It’s Simpler To Enjoy

Another potential problem for gamers is that many modern games require vast amounts of time. If you are a casual gamer, online play is very frustrating when matched against hardcore players. They will have unlocked better items for their inventories, which makes it very unfair. Even if you are a fairly frequent gamer, it can force you to stay loyal to one game rather than try multiple titles.

Retro games often require far less of your time. A Mini Snes or Genesis, for example, offers the flexibility of dozens of shorter games. Whether you have half an hour to kill or a week indoors with the flu, retro titles have you covered. They also offer accessibility, unlike complex modern titles.

It Reminds Gamers Of Their Youth

Like the worlds of music and film, games can evoke strong emotional connections. Many fans of retro gaming love to discover titles and genres that they missed the first time around. However, an even greater number enjoy replaying the games from their childhood. It reminds them of a simpler time, and provides the emotional comfort of remembering life back home.
On a separate note, retro games enable parents and children to connect. The adult can introduce their son or daughter to the games they played. In many cases, it’s a chance for kids to understand the beginnings of popular franchises that still exist. Such as Mario or Pokemon.

It Has Been Revamped

While retro gaming is old, it is possible to enjoy it in a renewed way. In addition to the mini consoles, the classics are available on multiple platforms. In fact, many of the most popular retro titles can be enjoyed on smartphones. Meanwhile, titles ranging from Crash Bandicoot to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater have been redeveloped to use modern graphics. It combines the best of both worlds.

Retro gaming is fresher and more exciting than ever. Moreover, as time passes by, an increasing number of games enter the realm of retro. With this in mind, we can all expect the popularity to keep growing from strength to strength. Not least because most under 40s grew up with games at home.


  1. Lozada June 4, 2020

    What is neat is that while “retro” for me is the famicom and so on, for my daughter its going to be the Gamecube. I got her a Switch now but we still enjoy huddling around the television and playing the gamecube classics. Retro will always be awesome!

  2. PatrickB June 4, 2020

    I’m really enjoying the Resident Evil remakes. They may not sound retro but the originals came out more than twenty years ago which is pretty retro in my opinion.

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