Wingspan Strategy Card Game Launching On Steam

Wingspan Strategy Card Game Launching On Steam

While there’s no shortage of strategy card games available on PC, it looks like Wingspan, the upcoming release by Monster Couch, is going to be a little different. Bird enthusiasts in particular should keep an eye out for this game, which can be played solo or with up to five other players. Wingspan is based on the award-winning board game of the same name and the Steam release is set for September 17, 2020.

The goal of Wingspan is to build your own bird reserve, which involves discovering and attracting the best birds. This is done through their favorite food and natural habitats, which is important if you want them to lay eggs. The game features 170 unique birds, with powers that match their real-world abilities. The real-life audio recordings for all the birds are also featured in the game. Just like the board game, Wingspan allows players to accumulate points with birds, bonus cards, and end-of-round goals.

Apart from Solitaire, there are very few other strategy card games that can really be classified as relaxing and soothing, especially when multi-player is involved. This means that Wingspan could be a great title to enjoy during these stressful times. Check out the release date announcement teaser below and head over to the Steam Store to wishlist the game. Be sure to visit the publisher’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more information.

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