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Strategy fans can look forward to The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles hitting the App Store and Google Play on October 16 2014. This new free-to-play strategy game from Ubisoft promises a mix of classic Puzzle and Tower Defense gameplay. Both genres have traditionally fared well on smartphones and tablets, but it is not often that they are combined.

The game places players in control of robotic units that have to search for orbs in obstacle ridden maps. The robots all have unique abilities that can be combined in order to navigate the trap laden arenas of Dynamo City where the game is set. Defensive measures must also be employed in order to protect orbs from the waves of invading robot forces.

The game is developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and will feature four different strategic puzzle modes, 180 stages as well as dozens of robots for players to manage. The game will also receive post-launch support in the form of regular free content updates that include new stages, units and modes.

Although there isn’t a shortage of Puzzle or Tower Defense games for mobile devices, the team behind The Bot Squad are fans of the genre and have years of experience in the industry. The game has also been designed from the ground up for mobile and tablets, with the controls, camera and gameplay all focused on providing a great experience on smaller screens.

Only time will tell if the game lives up to expectations, but so far it is looking promising. You can keep track of the game on Facebook, Twitter or the official website and check it out for free when it launches on the 16th of October.

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