Brand New Trailer For Retro Machina

Brand New Trailer For Retro Machina

Retro Machina, the upcoming retro-futuristic action-puzzler by publisher and developer Orbit Studios has just received a brand new trailer. This latest trailer not only showcases the eye-catching retro sci-fi visuals, but also the hybrid 80s/modern synth soundtrack by Scandroid. The music is a perfect match for the retro-futuristic theme of the game.

Retro Machina places players in the metal-shoes of a tiny robot exploring a world that has long been devoid of humanity. The little robot is on a quest to repair himself while also uncovering the answers to the mystery of who built Endeavor City and why. Retro Machine will feature five beautiful and unique biomes where players are challenged to solve puzzles, evade traps, and avoid injury. The robotic protagonist is not completely defenseless, though. Thanks to its hacking abilities it can manipulate and control foes. They can then either be converted into helpful allies or turned against each other. Some robots are better equipped for certain tasks than others, which leads to interesting puzzles.

The hand-drawn environments of Retro Machina look great and feature everything from abandoned Nucleonics Labs to the run-down Atomic City and mysterious Serendipity Mountain. The post-apocalyptic world of the game was inspired by American futurist and social engineer Jacque Fresco’s art along with science-fiction greats like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

Retro Machina will launch on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch during the Spring of 2021, but a playable demo is already available via Steam. Check out the new trailer below and keep up to date with the game on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.

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