Classic Video Game Consoles: Ranked

Classic Video Game Consoles: Ranked

Today, gaming is all about fast frame rates and high-end graphics, at least it is if you’re a PC gamer or play one of the branded consoles. Nevertheless, you probably remember simpler times when console games were in their infancy and the classic characters you now know were becoming established. So if you have nostalgia for these systems, read on, we have them ranked, but feel free to disagree with our in-house experts.

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Nintendo Entertainment Systems

The Nintendo Entertainment System, lovingly called the NES, was the first of its kind. This console was the device that allowed gamers to play arcade games in their homes for the first time; not only that, some of the games stand up today for their creativity and gameplay. 

Okay, so the graphics might not be able to compete with the latest Playstation or Nintendo, but many of the original characters are still going strong; think of Mario and Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong, and others. It’s hard not to put the NES at the number one spot on all-time classic consoles.   

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Atari 2600

Following quickly on the heels of the NES is the Atari 2600. This console predates the NES, but it wasn’t in the same league when it came to gameplay, creativity, and originality. NES might have been the first console to launch popular home gaming, but Atari 2600 got there earlier. 

In the late 70s, Atari launched the first 2600 console with games such as Frogger, Space Invaders, and Asteroids. These games were simple and formulaic, but they laid the foundations for the future of gaming. As a result, it deserves its place as the number two ranked best console ever.

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Playstation 2 

Playstation 2 sold more units than any other console at the time and is a contender for the number one spot. If you weren’t committed to Nintendo at the time, you probably played some fantastic and memorable games on the PS2, like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and more. 

If you love classic games, get on board with retro gaming, this is an excellent place to find the classic PS2 games you loved from the 90s and the classic NES games you loved from the 80s. Why not relive the experience of playing console games from two of the best systems created?

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Super Nintendo 

The second generation of Nintendo gaming consoles was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This system can’t be ranked above the original for obvious reasons, the NES was the progenitor, but the Super Nintendo offered lots of advancements as well as titles like Mario Kart. 

The super Nintendo also had better frame rates and graphics than the NES, making it a very suitable follow-up. Games you might remember include Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and Zelda. These titles helped cement the reputation of classic characters.  

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X Box 360 

There’s no doubt the Xbox 360 deserves to be on the list of best consoles ever made. X Box 360 is the second iteration of consoles from Microsoft, the first being the X Box. X Box wasn’t successful due to its appearance, but the 360 updated everything good about the original. 

The X Box 360 took the gaming world by storm for several years, even overtaking Playstation, but after a poor third installment, many of the converts went back to Playstation. X Box still enjoys popularity but is no longer in the same league. But, the 360 is an all-time classic. 

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Nintendo Switch 

There is always a buzz around a new Nintendo system because it is always leftfield, a little bit quirky, and offers updates to classic games like Zelda and Mario Kart. So why have we chosen to put the Nintendo switch on the classics list? Surely, it is another incarnation of the WiiU? 

Actually, that is not the case. Nintendo has its work cut out to compete with gaming giants like Microsoft and Sony, but instead of selling out and opting for high-end graphics, it has stayed true to its values and made the Nintendo Switch for fans. It’s nice to know Nintendo is going strong.

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t agree with the choices in this short list of classic gaming consoles, that’s fine, but you will still remember many of the systems and games from a by-gone era; you might even have one of these older consoles in your cupboard or your loft that you can dust off and play. The good news is you can still buy classic games for these consoles in their original boxy cartridges.  

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