The Fully Loaded Bundle by Bundle Stars

With so many bundles on the market, it is becoming harder to find ones with titles that have never been bundled before. With the Fully Loaded Bundle, Bundle Stars have managed to fill the entire bundle with new titles, which is a rare feat. The bundle is not lacking in quality content either as each of the ten Steam titles have something unique to offer.


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Aliens have invaded and it is your job to put them in their place. Wrack is a first person shooter that revels in blood, action, combos and big bosses. The fast pace and colorful visuals of the game sets it apart from the current crop of shooters while Steam Workshop support adds some longevity to the single player only experience. Players who enjoyed the over the top first person shooters of the 90s era will love the classic elements in Wrack. The game spent some time in Early Access to fine tune everything, but was released as a full-fledged title a while back and this is its first bundle appearance. As Wrack will usually set you back $14.99 on Steam there is no excuse for not grabbing it as part of this bundle.


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Next up is DARK, which offers a change of pace by casting you in the role of a vampire. The game combines stealth and action with some role playing elements. As a newly turned vampire who remembers very little of his past your job is to track down your maker or another powerful elder vampire unless you want to become a ghoul. The game uses comic book style visuals as well as interesting locations in which to stalk your prey. The focus is very much on stealth though and your powers are geared towards keeping you hidden until it is time to strike. Although DARK manages to create a great atmosphere it stumbles a bit in the gameplay department and will probably disappoint players that expect more depth and better combat. If you can overlook its flaws though DARK is still able to offer an enjoyable experience. Seeing as the normal price of the game is $39.99 on Steam you have very little to lose by checking it out as part of this bundle.


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We checked out the explosive BlazeRush back when it was first released and awarded it a score of 8.7. BlazeRush offers a combination of polished visuals, responsive controls and all out action which make it a hard title to put down once you are hooked. With tons of cars to choose from, some great weapon power-ups and well-designed tracks this is a game that can keep you playing for a long time. The single player campaign is great for learning the ropes, but ideally this is a game that you’ll want to play with your friends, either local or online. Check out our full review for BlazeRush HERE.

Onikira – Demon Killer

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The first Early Access title in this bundle is Onikira – Demon Killer from Digital Furnace Games. Although the game is a 2D platformer it takes its cues for the action from 3D beat ‘em ups such as Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden. This means that there is plenty of combos and different weapons with which to take down your enemies. The game also allows you to use the environment to your advantages, such as tossing enemies into spikes or even crushing them with buildings. The full version of the game promises to add more enemy types, increase the amount of moves and include a couple of more levels. The feudal Japan setting and excellent artwork of Onikira makes for a great looking game, but it does have the gameplay to back it up as well. As the game would set you back $9.99 on Steam it is another great addition to the bundle. In addition, the game received a very recent update and appears to be well on track for a full release.

Super Toy Cars

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The second racing title in this bundle is Super Toy Cars. It is an arcade racing game with vehicle power-ups for screwing over your opponents and tracks that are made from everyday objects. With sixteen different cars and 12 tracks the game offers plenty of variety and in addition to the 48 event career mode there are also local and online mult-iplayer modes. In fact, the game even includes a track editor with which to create and share your own tracks. While Super Toy Cars isn’t quite the Micro Machines replacement that we were hoping for it is an entertaining title with plenty of replay value. For more information about the game check out the interview we did with the managing director of Eclipse Games back when it was first released on Early Access.

Magnetic By Nature

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No bundle is complete without at least one puzzle platformer and Magnetic By Nature fits this role well. It also pulls it off by not actually really having any platforms! Instead you must use the magnetic powers of your character to make your way across the stylish landscapes. Either repel your character away from magnetic objects or towards them while searching for the items needed to reactivate your fellow robots. Quick reflexes are required for navigating some of the larger levels in the game as you will have to switch between your powers on the fly. If you enjoy games that are not afraid to provide you with a challenge then you can’t go wrong with Magnet By Nature. The usual price for the game is $9.99 which means you will get your money’s worth with this bundle.

Silence of the Sleep

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Silence of The Sleep proves that you don’t need 3D visuals to create a disturbing psychological horror adventure. As Jacob Reeves, you awaken in an abstract world after losing the will to live and trying to end it all. The game is a side scrolling 2D adventure with a minimalist interface and some very challenging puzzles. You’ll have to use your wits to survive too as you can’t kill any of the enemies you (rarely) encounter. For a title created entirely by one person Silence of The Sleep features some impressive visuals, fluid animations and compelling gameplay. The game is not very easy or for the faint of heart, but anyone looking for a compelling psychological horror experience will find a lot to like about it. Instead of the usual price of $16.99 this bundle allows you to grab the game for much cheaper.

The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight

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The second, and final, Early Access title in this bundle is The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight. It only takes a cursory glance at the visuals to discover that this game was inspired by games of the Gameboy and Gameboy Color era. Don’t let the visuals fool you though, Joylancer is a fast paced action game with dozens of enemies and tons of player customization options. The game does have a bit of a learning curve and it takes a while to adjust to the visuals, but the action packed gameplay makes it worth it. As the game is still in Early Access it is regularly updated and will soon receive some new enemies, huge bosses and even more stages. If you enjoy your games challenging and old school then The Joylancer should not be missed, especially as part of such a great bundle.

The Detail

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Fans of point & click adventures will enjoy the interesting take on the genre provided by The Detail. The game places you in the shoes of a jaded veteran detective and will require you to make some tough choices in order to get results. You’ll also get to play as a second character who just happens to be an ex-criminal. The game will feature five episodes, with this being the first titled “Where the Dead Lie.” Your choices in the game will send you down a branching storyline featuring plenty of mature themes. The game features a unique visual style that bears some clear graphic novel influences and does a great job of creating a moody atmosphere. Although not very long, The Detail is definitely a title that will appeal to fans of the point & click genre looking for something a little more serious than the usual fare.


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The last title in the bundle is the classic Real Time Strategy game “Z” from the Bitmap Brothers. Back when the game was first released it offered a different take on the genre by requiring you to capture map sectors instead of gathering resources. This made for a fast paced game as it was a race to capture sectors that already have factories and facilities for production instead of wasting time gathering resources and building bases. While the addictive gameplay and charming visuals remain intact this version of the game features a rework interface. It is something that can be gotten used to, but definitely feels like it was geared more towards touch screen devices. Other than that, the goofy cut-scenes are still present and it is hard not to crack a smile as you command your units to cause chaos across the battlefield.

Regular bundle buyers are used to bundles filled with repeats, but the Fully Loaded Bundle offers ten new-to-bundle titles. This means that the bundle not only offers incredible value for money at only $4.99, but is something that even regular bundle buyers can get excited about. There’s not much time left to grab this great deal though, so check out the official Bundle Stars website to buy a copy before the clock runs out.

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