The GAMERamble Team Plays Serious Sam 3: BFE (Classic Co-Op / Hard) Part One

The GAMERamble Team Plays Serious Sam 3: BFE (Classic Co-Op / Hard) Part One

What happens when you throw four players into the frantic first-person action shooter world of Serious Sam 3: BFE? Check out the videos below to find out as we take on Mental’s horde in the co-op multiplayer mode. As we are playing on the Classic setting and Hard difficulty, there’s plenty to shoot at and some interesting banter along the way. So join us for the first part of our journey as the team completes the first four levels of the game.


  1. Myxoeck July 20, 2021

    Thanks for the laughter I look forward to the follow-ups.

  2. Egovolt July 20, 2021

    Part 2 when?

  3. Ohbliviyon July 20, 2021

    gameramble team in reviews – very serious, informative, professional.
    gameramble team in videos – bunch of goofballs having a lot of fun

    • Numbi July 20, 2021

      😀 It just comes to show…. one CAN actually have fun and then go and write a serious review about the experience!

  4. Artifacer777 July 20, 2021

    Nice to see that you will be doing the whole game. For other games I recommend Hunt: Showdown, GTFO, Volcanoids, and Serious Sam 4 of course. I think Bigfoot could also be a funny experience.

    • Numbi July 27, 2021

      A lot of cool suggestions here, thanks! Adding it to our wishlists!

  5. GGlilee July 21, 2021

    At this point you guys should just start streaming on twitch

  6. unicorns_4_lunch July 22, 2021

    Gunfire Reborn
    State of Decay 2
    Pulsar: Lost Colony
    Haunt Chaser
    and just for laughs Lunch Lady or Farm Together.

  7. swiftshot July 22, 2021

    Somone [with more time than me] should do a death count for each video and at the end of the series have a tally of the final score to see who had the overall most and least deaths. That would make things a litte more competitive i think.

  8. Return2Monk July 23, 2021

    Looking forward to part two. Other games that could be neat to feature in videos are The Goatman and Escape from Kyoto House if you want to take a break from pure shooters. Horror squad is also good for a laugh.

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