Masters of Strategy 2 Bundle by Bundle Stars

Players who enjoy strategy titles are in for a treat with the Masters of Strategy 2 bundle. Each of the games in this bundle are able to provide countless hours of entertainment, so you’ll certainly be getting value for your money. The bundle has a mix of old and new games, but most of the titles are really solid and well worth the price of admission.

Eador: Masters of the Broken World

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Kicking off the bundle is Eador: Masters of the Broken World, which offers a blend of strategy, turn-based tactics and even some role playing elements. The game is set in a fantasy universe where the land is actually countless shards that are drifting in the void. Your goal is to conquer all these shards using your hero and whatever support units you recruit along the way. With its turn base battles taking place on hex grid maps, Eador is not an easy game, but if you invest the time it is immensely rewarding. Fans of titles such as Heroes of Might & Magic as well as Master of Magic will get the most out of this game as will anyone that appreciates challenging, in-depth titles. This bundle marks the third appearance of Eador: MOTBW in a bundle and it normally sells for $19.99.

Battle Group 2

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Battlegroup 2 impressed us when it was initially released on PC and it still holds up well despite its short length. It scored a well deserved 8/10 in our review and we had this to say: “Although you don’t have direct control over your battleship, blasting enemy ships and aircraft is still an addictive experience. There are multiple battleships and support ships to unlock as well as upgrades, which along with the ratings for each level gives the game plenty of replay value. There is a bit of grinding involved to purchase the best equipment, but the game remains fun throughout.” This is only the second bundle appearance for Battlegroup 2, so anyone yet to add it to their collection can do it now for cheap.

Eador: Genesis

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Eador: Genesis is the indie turn-based strategy game that served as the direct inspiration for Eador: Masters of the Broken World. As such the game shares plenty of similarities, but sadly the visuals are very dated compared to Masters of the Broken World. Thanks to the age of the game it also has some trouble running on modern systems without performing a couple of tweaks. As Masters of the Broken World is essential the same game running on a different engine and using 3D visuals the inclusion of Genesis is more a curiosity than anything else. It is still a good, albeit very challenging strategy title, but doesn’t have much to recommend it over Eador: MOTBW. This is the second time that Eador: Genesis has been bundled and its normal price is $5.99.

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Next up is Supreme Commander from Gas Powered Games. This is an older, but real-time strategy game that is selling for $14.99 on Steam. The game has a full campaign, with three factions to choose from, as well as multi-player and skirmish modes. The tutorial mode will get you up to speed but you can prepare yourself for a stiff challenge. There are plenty of units to command but the ability to zoom out as far as you need to oversee your forces is a big help. Supreme Commander is perfect for players that want their strategy games big on action. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is the standalone expansion to the original game and adds a new single player campaign, new faction for multi-player and a ton of new units. The normal Steam price is $14.99 and the game features the same strategic gameplay as the original. Supreme Commander is one of the classics of the real time strategy genre and Forged Alliance provides hours upon hours of challenging gameplay.

Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition

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Dating back all the way to 1994, Jagged Alliance is one of the all-time greats of the turn-based strategy genre. Although surpassed by its sequel there is still a lot to love about this title, if you can look past its dated visuals. The Gold Edition included in this bundle contains the original Jagged Alliance as well as its add-on Deadly Games. Set on the island of Metavira, you play as the leader of a group of mercenaries tasked with reclaiming the territory from the bad guys. The reason for all the violence is the unique trees, with their medical sap, which only grows on the island and is in high demand. Due to its age the game uses Dos Box to run, but once your eyes adjust to the visuals you’ll find that the gameplay is still as addictive as it ever. The game normally sells for $9.99 and this is the first time that it has been bundled.

Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal

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While Creeper World III: Arc Eternal isn’t much to look at it’s the gameplay that really matters. With its thermodynamic/fluid physics based play the game offers a tower-defense style challenge that is unlike anything else out there. Instead of facing units attacking your base, the enemy in Creeper World III is the fluid-like substance that slowly spreads across everything in sight unless you stop its onslaught. While it might look complex the game is incredible addictive once you figure out what is expected from you. The replay value of this title is also through the roof, so if you are looking for a title that will keep you busy for a long time this is it. The game normally sells for $14.99 and this marks its third bundle appearance.

Planet Stronghold

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The last title in the bundle is Planet Stronghold from visual novel veterans Winter Wolves. The game is a science fiction role playing title that features turn based combat. As the new recruit to the Planet Stronghold human outpost it is your job to figure out why you were assigned to this location and ultimately play a deciding role in the war. The game provides you with the option to plays as either a male or female lead which influences the romance options available to you. While Planet Stronghold isn’t the best title to come out of the Winter Wolves stable it does have a diverse selection of classes, different endings and a reasonably interesting story. This is the third bundle appearance for Planet Stronghold which normally retails for $18.99.

Although all of the titles in the Masters of Strategy 2 bundle have been bundled before this is still a great deal for anyone that missed out. The sheer amount of replay value in titles such as Creeper World 3 alone makes this bundle a steal. There are only a few days left for this deal though, so as always head over to the official Bundle Stars website and purchase your copy before the timer runs out.

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