MangaGamer Otakon 2015 News Roundup

MangaGamer Otakon 2015 News Roundup

MangaGamer had some great announcements at Anime Expo this year, including A Kiss for the Petals and Himawari, but returned with even more good news at Otakon. They not only unveiled a new partner, Propeller, but also revealed five new titles fans can look forward to.

Supipara Chapter 1

MangaGamer opened their panel with the great news that the first chapter of Supipara has been funded. Fans will remember that MangaGamer started the Minori Fundraising Project to generate funding for the localization of this episodic visual novel. With the initial funding goal for the English localization of the first chapter reached it also paves the way for further chapters. The gross profit of eden* was used for the funding and once Supipara Chapter 1 is released, its profits will also contribute to further milestones. The end goal is to not only localize the second chapter, but also to generate enough funds for a further three chapters that will be released in English first!

Supipara stars Yukinara Sanada, who returns to his hometown for the first time in seven years with the hope of living in peace. Unfortunately, he is drawn into an action committee for a traditional beauty contest held by a local academy. Along the way he interacts with the cute heroines participating in the contest and get to know them along with their idiosyncrasies. Check out the official page for Supipara – Alice the Magical Conductor HERE.

Kindred Spirits On The Roof

Next up is Kindred Spirits on the Roof, a yuri title from Liar Soft with a bit of a supernatural twist! Set at the Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy of Commerce, this visual novel stars the timid Toomi Yuna. Her life changes when she runs into two ghosts on the roof of the school. It turns out that the school was built on the site of an old castle and both spirits died many years before with unrequited feelings in their hearts. The two ghosts fell in love, but have no idea how to experience their “first time” together!

Since the two are bound to the school they task Yuna with creating more “yuri” couples for them to observe for sexual insights. Check out the official page for this title to find out more.

Tokyo Babel

Propeller has joined the growing list of MangaGamer partners and will be releasing two titles. The first is Tokyo Babel, which is described as a grand epic of intertwining destinies. It features a darker storyline than typical visual novels and its narrative is rooted in Christian mythology.

The story is set in a world where the gates of Heaven are closed shut and the realm of Hell is consumed by a flood while other parallel worlds are withering away. The surviving angels and demons gather at the city of Tokyo Babel, which is a floating purgatory erected in the image of Tokyo. Their mission is to travel across the seven layers of Babel along with a few humans and re-open the gates of Heaven. Tokyo Babel looks like it will have an interesting cast of characters as well as an engrossing storyline and heated battle scenes. Find out more about this unique title by checking out the official page.

The Shadows Of Pygmalion

The second title MangaGamer will release in partnership with Propeller is The Shadows of Pygmalion. The protagonist of the story is Hajiro Mina, an ordinary high-school girl. It is set in a world where beings known as “Puppets” operate out of the shadows in order to manipulate the course of history without being seen. Mina encounters one of these puppets by chance, which changes the course of her life.

Mina also meets three girls belonging to an organization that exterminates puppets. These girls all have extraordinary powers that help them hunt down their inhuman enemies. Mina quickly becomes entangled in the conflict, but discover greater forces at play. With its beautiful art style and intriguing storyline, The Shadows of Pygmalion looks like something that fans of the genre won’t want to miss. Check out the official page to find out more about the game.

Princess Evangile W Happiness

For their final announcement MangaGamer revealed that they have been listening to requests from fans and will be releasing the sequel to Princess Evangile. Titled Princess Evangile W Happines, it will contain plenty of new content such as extra epilogues for the original cast as well as brand new paths for Tamie, Konomi, Marika, Mitsuki, and Ruriko.

Like the original release, Princess Evangile W Happiness will be available in all-ages format for Steam users while the fully uncut adult version can be bought directly from MangaGamer. Check out the information and screenshots on the official page.

The announcements by MangaGamer contained a great mix of serious and more lighthearted titles, giving fans plenty to look forward to. To stay up to date about these titles and many others don’t forget to give them a follow on Twitter.

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