Muse Dash X GrooveCoaster Collaboration Features New Character And More

Muse Dash X GrooveCoaster Collaboration Features New Character And More

X.D. Network Inc. has announced the latest big update for Muse Dash, the addictive rhythm game by PeroPeroGames. This time Muse Dash will feature a collaboration with another famous Japanese rhythm game, Groove Coaster. Players will be able to get their hands on an entirely new character along with all the supporting features for this character.

Muse Dash is truly the rhythm game that keeps on giving and already features more than 200 songs for players to enjoy. Even better, the developers are still fully committed to the game, which means great content updates such as this great collaboration with Groove Coaster. The update sees Navigator Yume from Groove Coaster making her Muse Dash debut as she joins the existing roster. Along with the new character, the update also gives players a new music pack, new graphics, as well as a new stage with new themes.

Muse Dash already has a stellar selection of songs and the collaboration music pack, called “Let’s GROOVE!” will add an additional six songs from Groove Coaster. Included in the music pack is FUJIN Rumble and 聖者の息吹 by the renowned Japanese composer Tatsuya Shimuzu. These songs can be experienced in the Groove Coaster themed stage that comes complete with new enemies and bosses matching the theme. Of course, there is also some more super-secret content waiting for players to discover.

Players who own the “Just As Planned” DLC pass will get access to the new music pack. Muse Dash is 50% off during the collaboration event while the DLC pass is 25% across Steam, TapTap, Google Play, and the App Store. This makes it the perfect time to snap up the Just As Planned DLC, which just keeps on offering better value for money with each update. Nintendo Switch owners are not left out in the cold either as the game will have a 25% discount period from September 28 to October 11, 2020. The Nintendo Switch update is releasing a little later due to the review process of the Nintendo eShop.

For more information, be sure to check out X.D Network or Muse Dash on Twitter and watch the MuseDash X GrooveCoaster collaboration update trailer below.

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  1. lynXat September 29, 2020

    I love GrooveCoaster but haven’t played Muse Dash before. I think this is going to change now lol

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