Ruinarch Early Access Steam Launch Pushed Back To August 2020

Ruinarch Early Access Steam Launch Pushed Back To August 2020

Fans who have been looking forward to playing the devilishly fun simulation game, Ruinarch, will, unfortunately, have to wait a little longer. The developers, Maccima Games, and publisher, Squeaky Wheel Studio, released a joint statement about the new release date. Fans were originally promised a release date of May 2020, which has now been pushed back to August 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc across the world, so a game about ruining people’s lives might have been too much of a downer for some. According to the statement, the world will hopefully be on the road to recovery when the game launches in August, so players can wreck virtual worlds guilt-free. The developers will also be taking the extra time to polish up the game a little more and add additional content, which means a better game upon release.

For those not familiar with Ruinarch, it promises to be a simulation game that features procedural story generation. Players take on the role of an evil demon overlord with the ability to invade fantasy worlds and create havoc. Your goal is to spread your influence towards the heart of the kingdom as you take over regions one by one. As a truly evil overlord, it’s not just about attacking everyone either, but weaving tales of anguish and woe in the process. Whether this involves unleashing a zombie apocalypse or being a little more subtle and inflicting a local hero with lycanthropy is up to players.

Ruinarch generates a random fantasy world for you to conquer each playthrough, so the replayability of the game should be off the charts. There will be elven villages, human towns, bandit camps, ancient ruins, monster lairs and much more to invade as players will also be able to build demonic structures. To assist in world domination overlords can summon minions and recruit cultists while unleashing powerful spells, dangerous monsters, and mystical artifacts will plunge the world into further chaos.

Since Ruinarch is a highly experimental game it will launch as an Early Access title on Steam in August. It’s an ambitious title for a small indie team, which is why community feedback and critique is a big priority for the team. Maccima Games does have a clear road map for the upcoming year but is also open to adjusting and pivoting based on the feedback that they will receive from the community.

The Early Access version of the game promises to include a random world generator for producing procedurally-generated maps with multiple factions and regions. These can all interact to produce emergent ever-changing worlds. Players will also have access to seven different demon-type minions, along with eight demonic structures, dozens of spells, and some summons and artifacts. The full release is planned for 2021 on PC & Mac.

Be sure to visit the official Ruinarch website for more information and give it a follow on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, check out the official trailer below for an idea of what to expect, and don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam.


  1. MangaFTW April 28, 2020

    “weaving tales of anguish and woe” – So basically it’s a realistic simulator of our current world?

  2. Mineralizer April 28, 2020

    Sounds more like they are programming our current reality and not the game. Easy mistake to make if your dev station is directly connected to the matrix.

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