Steamworld Heist Didn’t Always Have A Female Protagonist

Steamworld Heist Didn’t Always Have A Female Protagonist

During a recent community Q & A by the graphics team from Image & Form, they revealed some interesting insights about the art for the upcoming SteamWorld Heist. The most surprising bit of information is that Captain Piper Faraday, the protagonist of the game, started out as a male hero. Development of the game started back in early 2014, so it is no surprise that changes were made along the way and we definitely prefer the current look of Piper.

SteamWorld Heist is a follow up to SteamWorld Dig and promises to deliver plenty of space adventures along with strategic shoot-outs. The CEO of Image & Form revealed at E3 that SteamWorld Heist will debut on the Nintendo 3Ds first, followed by other platforms starting in the fall.

Check out the comparison images below to see how Captain Piper used to look before the change and don’t forget to watch the full Q & A video to find out more about the visual aspects of the game. To stay up to date, follow Image & Form on Twitter and keep an eye on their blog for weekly news updates.

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